Coto Movies iOS App: Download Coto Movies For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

For users who have been wondering if the popular Coto Movies app is available for iOS devices, you can download the app Coto Movies for iOS. Coto Movies offers a huge collection of movies and TV shows on its database and keeps updating latest contents regularly. If you have been looking for an app that hosts the best quality links to the latest releases, look no further!

There are multiple resolutions to choose from depending on the need, and to top it all Coto Movies for iOS is free to download and use and throws in no hidden charges later either!

Moreover, Coto Movies app works flawlessly on your iOS device – without jailbreak! Talking about why you should try this app:

  • Think about a free app that is also completely ad-free.
  • This app is available for Android users as well – Download Coto Movies APK
  • Coto Movies does not disrupt your viewing experience with any ads or annoying pop-ups at all.
  • It also has this very productive feature where it allows users to download and save contents locally to view later.

So, if you are looking forward to install Coto Movies for iOS on your device, read on further as we demonstrate how to do so without encountering any errors.

And one more thing is, you can also install this app on other devices like PC and Amazon Fire TV:

Coto Movies For PC

Coto Movies For Fire TV

Download Coto Movies For iOS

Coto Movies for iOS 12 or any device running on iOS 8 and above works smoothly. Users can install Coto Movies for iPhone, running on these or different iterations of these iOS versions and can also install Coto Movies for iPad.

Since this is a third-party app, Coto Movies is not available for download via Apple App Store. However, you can directly install this app from Coto Movies Official Site. And, there are also some other ways to download and install Coto Movies for iOS. Let us quickly demonstrate the direct installation process:

1. Direct Method to Install Coto Movies For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  • Open the Safari browser on your iOS device and visit this URL –
  • Choose the correct iOS compatible version and click on the button.
  • You will see a prompt on screen.
  • Tap on the Install button from the prompt to begin installation process.
  • Wait patiently until the installation process is complete.

download coto movies for iOS

  • Once the app is installed successfully, you will see coto movies iOS app logo as in the image below.

install coto movies for iOS

  • You can now use the app to watch latest Movies and TV shows on your iOS devices. If you install the app from any source other than above, you might have to add the profile of Coto Movies app. Here is how you can do that.

Install Coto Movies Certificate on  iPhone/iPad

  • Go to your device Settings.
  • From the list, tap on General settings and scroll to find Profile & Device Management.
  • Search for the Coto Movies app profile and click on Trust button.
  • Now, once you go back to your Home Screen, you can scroll in your app list to find Coto Movies for iOS.
  • Tap on it to launch the app.

launch coto movies on iOS

Congratulations! Coto Movies has now been successfully installed on your iOS device and you can enjoy seamless viewing experience with an unending list of options to choose from!

2. How to Install Coto Movies on Jailbroken Devices ?

For users who have jailbroken their iOS devices to customize, download apps, or for any reason, Coto Movies is totally compatible for your device too. You can easily download and install apps like Coto Movies by Cydia repos. Here is how you can do that:

  • Once you have opened your Cydia, go to Manage, and then click on Sources.
  • Now, go to Edit option and click on Add button.
  • You will be prompted for the Cydia Source URL.
  • You can feed the Cydia repos in the URL field
  • Enter and click on ‘ Add Source’
  • Your device will automatically start verifying the sources you entered and once the verification process is complete, click on Add Anyway and go back to the Cydia page.
  • If the apps crash on launching, reboot your device.
  • You can then browse the repo to find and download Coto Movies and use it on your jailbroken devices.

3. Can I Install Coto Movies from Tutuapp ?

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of ways in which users can download and install Coto Movies for iOS. Tutuapp also offers a simple and easy to follow process to install Coto Movies for iOS. To read a step by step guide on how to do so, read the article by clicking on this UR:

Download Coto Movies From Tutuapp

4. Can I Install Coto Movies From AppValley?

AppValley is one of the most popular third – party app store for iOS devices running on any variant or iteration between iOS 8 and iOS 12. You do not need a jailbroken device to install third – party apps on your iPhone or iPad via AppValley. To read a detailed download & installation guide on how to use AppValley to download Coto Movies, go through this:

Install Coto Movies From AppValley

5. Can I Install Coto Movies iOS App From TweakBox ?

TweakBox is yet another crowd favorite when it comes to third – party app download stores. Just as in case of AppValley, users will have to first download TweakBox and then use it to download and install Coto Movies for iOS. A detailed guide on how to set up TweakBox and use it to install Coto Movies can be found in this article:

Install Coto Movies iOS App From TweakBox


Now that you know how simple and easy it is to download Coto Movies for iOS, it should be a piece of cake if you want to try this app. Movie lovers should definitely consider checking out this amazing app because of the sheer collection and uninterrupted premium quality viewing experience. If you were not satisfied with paid apps or free apps with similar services due to some reason or another, Coto Movies for iOS is sure to change your mind!